Show Notes

Dr.  Michael Young joins The TrulyFit Podcast to discuss his book, The Illness of Medicine.
We discuss:

  • What goes on behind the scenes in the medical health delivery system in the USA
  • How Medical Care is experienced on both sides of the table
  • How Healthcare Organizations are being controlled by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries rather than these industries working with them
  • How patients have no control over their own healthcare choices and Doctors have lost the ability to be self-directed in patient care
  • The significant obstacles patients endure and the exasperation of the healthcare workers that help them navigate them.

Dr. Young was certified by the American Board of Urology and went into private practice upon completion of his training. He was the Section Chairman of Urology at two Chicago area medical centers, as well as the Residency Program Director at these institutions for The Department of Urology, the University of Illinois at Chicago.
 Currently, he is involved in the innovation and development of surgical and medical devices and instrumentation at the university. Dr. Young is an avid photographer, traveler, and golfer. Connect with Dr. Young on his website: